The Totelly Facilitator Series: Meet Tanja
3 min readJun 20, 2024


Who are you?

I aim to find balance in the everyday. Making the most of each moment, my own internal resources as well as those around me: my community and the natural world.

My most cherished relationship and role is that as a mother of two beautiful beings. They bring out the best in me, a mothers love is a gift I am able to feel and share.

My life has brought me from the global south and progressively to the northern hemisphere where I now sit at the top of the world in beautiful peaceful Iceland. With moving comes many life experiences and a need to create new community in each new place. Some more challenging than others. When true community is felt and experienced, it is a deep and lasting feeling that enhances my life and those who I choose to call my friends. My life feels complete and fulfilling when I have these close connections in my local place.

I am one of the founders of The process of has gifted me personally with a closer community, a feeling I would like others to experience more in their everyday life, with a greater sense of awareness that we are part of a greater community of nature that takes care of us in ways we have yet to fully comprehend.

What draws you to OANM? What is your motivation for facilitating such events?

The joy that I have discovered through this process is that of connection between people. There is electricity in the air of connection when people see and hear each other, and there´s a genuine excitement for an exchange. “Yes, I love what you are offering, let´s do it”.

There is wealth in each of us, by being truly ourselves and then sharing that with the world. A treasure chest of personal wealth and multiply that with the people in the room… there is no need for any feelings of scarcity when one sees the wealth of life experience and resources we all have access to. All we need is space to see and hear each other so that this wealth can be seen and exchanged.

What is your facilitator’s superpower or style?

It a mixture of my true feelings of caring for everyone´s needs that are in the room with me, so they can have the best experience to truly be themselves. And also my belief that we all have something unique to offer, and to share, that is felt by the attendees. I enjoy structure but can also flow with the group in whichever direction feels best for the mutual experience.

What do you hope participants will walk away with after each event? What is your vision?

There is a feeling of connection and a sense of belonging that comes after an event that is well facilitated but also where the attendees are open and willing to be present and share. It’s an agreement between attendees and facilitator that we’re going to have a great experience together… and we usually do. There’s nothing better than that feeling at the end, it lasts for a few days after. It is named: love, connection, belonging, being seen and heard. I’d love to have that experience with you. Come join me/us. :-)


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