Totelly Facilitator Stories — Introducing Dumitrita
2 min readJun 28, 2024


Dumitrita a Totelly Facilitator

Who are you?

I am Dumitriţa Simion, a soul of 38 years, cradled in the heart of Romania, who found an inextricable bond with Iceland years ago. A seeker of profound connections, an observer and analyst, a fire starter. My passions waltz between the strokes of the paintbrush, finding the dance within me and others, delighting in nature’s creatures and in the endless exploration of what it means to be human. My dream is to nurture havens where people find their inner beauty and thrive.

Educated as a psychologist, having been a mental health project manager and educator for many years, I am always looking for ways to generate social change.

Since 2023, as a member of the Totelly team, I have been contributing to the weaving of the local community in Reykjavik, and connecting it to other communities overseas.

What draws you to the Offers and Needs Market (OANM)? What is your motivation for facilitating such events?

What I found as a participant in the Offers and Needs Market (OANM) were many doors opening to new and unexpected experiences of friendship, various connections, and professional collaboration. I met kindred spirits, people whom I could later call my tribe, I learnt about the many ways I can contribute to a community and how to receive the offerings of those around me. The philosophy behind OANM also resonates strongly with one of my core values, resource-efficiency. The format of the event emphasizes our abundance and creates channels between people through which the material and immaterial resources can flow into places where they are fructified.

My motivation is to be a catalyst of human connections and a guide for the good use of personal resources.

What is your facilitator super-power or style?

My super-powers as a facilitator are keen attention, passionate curiosity, gentle and firm guidance. I encourage an atmosphere of warm acceptance and it’s important to me that everyone who takes part in the experience is heard and valued.

What do you hope participants will walk away with after each event? What is your vision?

From each gathering, I hope participants leave with a sense of belonging, brimming with contentment, and new bonds of connection. I wish they find the resources and gifts within themselves, uncover hidden talents, and the promise of new paths to walk on.


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