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Connection Regenerator: A New Totelly Project

We are thrilled to announce the launch of an exciting new project, the Connection Regenerator. Funded by Erasmus Plus for 14 months from January 1, 2024, to April 30, 2025, this initiative is a collaboration between Totelly and Mai Bine. It’s an ambitious project aimed at fostering individual, organizational, and community learning for sustainable community development.

The Essence of Connection Regenerator

The project’s purpose is multi-faceted, focusing on creating organizational, individual, and community learning about community development and sustainability. The main objectives of the Connection Regenerator include:

  1. Transnational Seminar: Scheduled in Iaşi for March 2024.
  2. Online Training: Facilitator and Advanced Facilitator Training for the Offers and Needs Market (OANM) for 12 participants with our training parter The Post Growth Institute

3. Educational Material: Creation of resources in both Icelandic and Romanian.

4. OANM Events: A total of 12 events, equally divided between the partnering countries.

5. Inclusive Webinar: A comprehensive session to wrap up the project.

These objectives are designed to establish transnational cooperation, generate regenerative learning, and create accessible adult education content.

A Synergistic Partnership

Totelly and Mai Bine, two organizations with aligned goals but complementary strengths, form the strategic partnership driving this project. This cooperation facilitates a mutual exchange of skills and knowledge, strengthening the capacity to respond to the educational needs of various target groups and solidify local communities.

The Learning Journey

Participants in the Connection Regenerator will experience transformative learning, covering a wide range of topics from sustainable practices to mental and physical well-being. The project aims to cultivate skills in relational communication, regenerative worldview, community building, and responsible resource use, among others.

Why Connection Regenerator Matters

In an era where social isolation and a gap in sustainable actions are prevalent, Connection Regenerator seeks to bridge these divides. The project uses education and cooperation to address these issues, fostering a regenerative life design that supports both individual and community well-being.

Transnational Cooperation: A Global Perspective

Embracing the “Think globally, act locally” philosophy, this project underscores the importance of transnational cooperation grounded in impactful local actions. This collaboration will enhance learning, embrace cultural and geographical diversity, and combine resources for greater impact.

About the Partners

Totelly (Iceland): A social enterprise focused on community development, adult education, and sustainability. Known for its engaging events and innovative digital tools, Totelly regularly organizes the Offers and Needs Market (OANM) in Iceland, facilitating skill and resource exchanges within communities.

Mai Bine (Romania): An organization dedicated to sustainable development, civic engagement, and social economy. Mai Bine operates two social enterprises, CUIB and REDU, which focus on sustainable food practices and slow fashion, respectively.

Looking Ahead

As the Connection Regenerator unfolds, we eagerly anticipate the positive changes it will bring to individuals, organizations, and communities involved. This project is not just about learning; it’s about actively shaping a sustainable and connected future. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this transformative journey together.

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